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If you have been affected by an industrial illness such as asbestosis, you may be entitled to claim compensation.
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Welding Rod Fumes Injury Claims

Welding is a process which makes use of heat to join metals at points.  A variety of energy sources are used to produce the heat that is that is required in the process.  This includes an electric arc and a gas flame.  The fumes that are emitted when welding is carried out are hazardous as it poses risks to the worker’s health.

Welders at a risk from the fumes coming from the welding rods and there are a number of occupations and professions which are at risk.  These include railway maintenance workers, pipe fitters, metal workers, steel workers and electrical workers.

Effects Of Welding Rod Fumes On Health

Welding rods produce harmful particle emissions and fumes which can give rise to a number of injuries and illnesses.  Most of the illnesses usually arise as a result of being exposed to welding rod fumes over a prolonged period of time. The fumes from welding rods mostly have an effect on the respiratory system. However, it can also affect the body’s system in various other ways. Some of the effects of being exposed to these fumes include:

  • Chronic bronchitis which can be contracted by working with welding rods in an enclosed area without adequate ventilation.
  • Occupational asthma which can be caused by being exposed to fumes released during welding of stainless steel.
  • Welder’s lungs which can be caused when iron particles are inhaled into the lungs.
  • Metal fume fever which can be caused when chemicals produced from certain metals are inhaled.  These chemicals include magnesium and zinc oxide and when they are inhaled, they cause flu-like symptoms such as muscle aches, fatigue, headache, nausea, chills and fever.
  • Manganism which can be caused as a result of suffering from manganese poisoning.

Welding rod fumes are toxic and long term exposure can also cause lung cancer.

Any person who has been exposed to welding fumes at work and has developed an illness must seek medical assistance.  This is because seeking medical help will ensure that your illness is cured quickly and it will form part of your evidence when making an industrial injury claim against your employer.

Starting A Claim

If you have developed an illness after coming into contact with welding rod fumes, your solicitor can help you recover damages for the illness and financial losses you have suffered. Experienced solicitors have the expertise to handle such claims on a risk free no win no fee basis, and will work hard to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible.