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If you have been injured through no fault of your own, an injury solicitor can help you make a no win no fee personal injury claim
How Much Could You Claim?

Can I claim for lost earnings?

When you make a claim for compensation following an accident or injury caused by another person, it is possible for you to claim for any lost earnings that you suffer. As a victim of an accident caused by somebody else, you may have lost earnings through being unable to work whilst you recovered, being incapacitated or unable to carry out some or all of your normal tasks, attending medical appointments or even being unable to work again.

The average wage as per the claimant’s previous three months income is usually used to calculate earnings for loss of income claims. The result is then multiplied by the length of absence that the claimant has had off work in order to provide a claim value. This figure is also used to reflect potential loss of earnings, with a consideration of the potential promotions and career developments that may have been hindered as a result of the accident. Regular overtime that had been worked in the previous three months is also likely to form part of the calculations for determining how much money the claimant has lost as a result of the accident.

Self employed workers can also claim for loss of earnings, though this is a more complex undertaking. To make a successful claim for loss of earnings as a self-employed person, you will need to provide the previous three years accounts for your work to determine your average expected income.

When you make a claim for loss of income, your solicitor will help to prove that your earning potential was affected because of the accident that was caused by another person or company’s negligence. Furthermore, your solicitor will seek to recover any likely future loss of earnings that you may suffer. Therefore, if you have an ongoing medical condition, or the injury that you sustained has left you unable to carry out your normal work tasks in the long term or for life, the compensation amount that you are awarded should reflect this.

* Personal injury claims are offered on a no win, no fee basis. If your claim is successful, your solicitor will receive up to 25% of your compensation as their success fee. Any additional costs, such as legal protection insurance, will be clearly explained to you by your solicitor before you decide to proceed with your claim. Termination fees may apply if you fail to cooperate with your solicitor. This includes deliberately misleading your solicitor, failing to attend scheduled medical or expert examinations, or not appearing at a required court hearing.