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Reporting An Accident At Work

Suffered an accident at work due to no fault of your own?  If someone else is to be blamed for the accident and injuries you suffered at work, you may be eligible to make work accident claims.  In the UK, it is important to report any accident that occurs at the workplace.  It is the responsibility of your employer to report work related accidents and illnesses to the Incident Contact Centre of HSE which is also known as the Health and Safety Executive.  Employers have a responsibility to report all types of accidents including:

  • broken bones, fractured arms and ribs, etc
  • accidents occurred due to falling from heights
  • accidents occurred due to exposure to hazardous substances and chemicals
  • any other type of illnesses or accidents that causes an employee to take time off work for three or more days
  • industrial diseases and illnesses such as vibration white finger disease
  • deaths

Health And Safety – Whose Responsibility?

It is the duty of your employer to ensure that you are protected from all risks of accidents and injuries at work.  Your employer must carry out risk assessments at the workplace and adopt preventative measures to minimise any potential risks.  This includes determining the kind of first aid facilities and equipment that are needed and the number of first aiders that are needed.  However, employees should also make sure that they take care of their health and safety whilst at work.

Reporting Work Accidents

If you have been involved in an accident at work, you must make sure that the details of the accident are recorded in the accident book.  Reporting an accident at work is beneficial for the employees because it provides a record of what exactly happened, when it happened, how it happened and whose fault it was.  Reporting an accident at work also helps make successful work accident claims in order to seek compensation for the pain and losses you have suffered.

What To Do Following An Accident At Work?

Following a work accident, the first thing you must make sure is that the details of the accident have been recorded accurately in the accident book.  You must also make sure that:

  • your employer has reported the accident to HSE
  • you seek medical attention and retain bills and receipts
  • you check your contract with the employer for information about accident or sick pay
  • you sort out the dispute that arises between you and your employer
  • make your employer aware of the potential risks that exist at the workplace to prevent similar accidents from happening in future