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If you have been injured through no fault of your own, an injury solicitor can help you make a no win no fee personal injury claim
How Much Could You Claim?

Facial Injury Claims

A facial injury can have severe, long-lasting consequences. Besides the imminent danger to your health, you might be left with permanent scars or disfigurement. This can affect your confidence, social interactions or your employment prospects.

If you or a loved one suffered a facial injury through no fault of your own, you might consider making a facial injury claim. A facial injury compensation claim can help improve your life quality, assisting with medical treatments and rehabilitation programs that could speed up your recovery.

Additionally, the compensation for a personal injury aims to make up for any psychological trauma and financial losses you incurred, helping you move on with your life.

Most claims can be settled on a no win no fee* basis, meaning you don’t have to worry about any upfront or hidden expenses, and you will only pay a success fee if your claim is successful. Otherwise, you won’t have to cover any legal costs.

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Can I make a facial injury claim?

The rule of thumb to qualify for a personal injury claim requires that:

  • another party owed you a duty of care
  • they ignored their duty by acting negligently
  • you were injured due to their negligence
  • you suffered the injury in the last three years

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, particularly regarding the limitation date. Sometimes, the three year period may vary, so it is always better to start your claim as soon as possible. Contacting a personal injury solicitor can give you more insight into the matter and get the ball rolling.

Also, you don’t need to be without fault to be eligible for compensation. Even if you were partially responsible for the accident that caused your injury, you could still make a facial injury claim. In this case, however, you may have to pay a contributory negligence fee that will get deducted from the compensation award.

Clear evidence is a vital factor in personal injury claims. You cannot expect to receive face injury compensation just based on your statement of how the events unfolded.

Medical records, photographic evidence, witness testimonies and other undeniable proof are essential to support your case. If you are worried that you won’t receive compensation due to a lack of evidence, you should contact an experienced solicitor. They will help build your case and maximise your chances of success.

How to make a face injury compensation claim

If you suffered a face injury, you are probably in considerable pain and might need hospitalisation. A face injury can affect your nose, eyes, jaw, cheeks, teeth or other structures that are essential for basic activities like eating, breathing or speaking.

Understandably, you might feel frustrated, angry, confused, even depressed. Your life got suddenly disrupted through no fault of your own. This might affect not only you but also your family and close friends.

During recovery, the future might not seem so bright and claiming facial injury compensation might not be at the forefront of your mind. It’s important to know that you don’t need to go through the legal process all by yourself.

If you contact an experienced solicitor, they will take care of all the paperwork, gather all the evidence you need to build a strong case and represent you in Court if required. Furthermore, they work with other specialists to guarantee the financial support you need, together with the best treatment and recovery options available.

When you contact a solicitor, they will work with you to identify the party responsible for your accident. This could be an employer, a road user, a manufacturer, the local authorities, a medical practitioner, or other individuals. If they accept responsibility, your claim will settle quicker and out of Court.

Otherwise, you may have to go to a hearing before a Judge, although most cases are settled without requiring this step. The amount of evidence you can gather to support your face injury claim plays a decisive role in the outcome. Therefore, when possible, you should gather detailed proof such as:

  • names and contact details of everybody involved in the accident
  • contact details of any witnesses
  • the license plate numbers if the accident involved a vehicle
  • take note of the date, time, and other accident details
  • take photographic evidence of the accident scene and your injuries
  • keep a record of any financial expenses you incurred because of the injury
  • file an accident report with the authorities
  • see if any CCTV cameras might have footage of the accident
  • get immediate medical treatment and keep a record of all treatment required

Your solicitor will also arrange a free medical examination with a registered doctor. This is part of the claim and aims to confirm the extent of your injuries and the long-term implications. The medical report will also serve as evidence to support your claim.

You can get more information about making a face injury compensation claim by calling free on 0800 032 3660. Otherwise, you can fill out our online form, and an experienced legal adviser will contact you shortly, free of charge and without any obligation to proceed.

What are the leading causes of facial injuries?

Unfortunately, even if you always act carefully, someone else’s negligence can cause you a wide range of facial injuries, some of which can be life-changing or even life-threatening.

Face injuries can be particularly upsetting, especially if they leave permanent scarring or disfigurement or if they affect your breathing and eating activities.

You might suffer a face injury by falling victim to many types of accidents, including:

A slip, trip and fall

Hazards like wet floors or uneven surfaces might cause you to trip and fall face down, injuring your face. These accidents can happen at work or in a public place, if local councils and businesses fail to take the necessary safety measures.

Work accidents

All employers are legally bound to conduct routine maintenance and safety assessments to guarantee employee safety. If they fail to do so, you can suffer a facial injury following:

  • a fall from a height due to poorly built structures or lack of adequate equipment
  • electrocution due to poor electrical isolation or lack of protective equipment
  • being hit by a falling, rolling or swinging object
  • a trip and fall at work caused by poor housekeeping
  • entanglement in heavy machinery
  • workplace violence
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • exposure to dangerous or toxic substances that may cause burns


A wide variety of facial injuries can occur when participating in sports. Eye injuries are common and usually preventable. Boxing, basketball, hockey, racquet sports and golf are just some sports that carry an increased risk for ocular injuries.

Facial abrasions and lacerations make up to 29% of all sports injuries. They may damage underlying structures like nerves or the lacrimal system. Facial fractures and dental injuries are also common in boxing, rugby and football.

Road traffic accidents

Facial injuries are among the most common traumas sustained in car accidents, happening in about half of all harmful collisions. Road traffic accidents cause between 5-15% of all facial injuries in developed countries and more than 50% in developing nations.

The majority of road traffic victims suffer multiple facial injuries. Soft tissue injuries are most common, while facial bone fractures occur in a relatively small percentage of the casualties. In accidents where the victim is wearing a seatbelt at the point of collision, the injuries sustained were predominantly more minor.


An unprovoked, sudden assault can be very frightening. If somebody hits you in the face with fists, feet or weapons, they might cause you anything from minor wounds to severe injuries. According to the British Journal of Plastic Surgery, facial wounds are the most common soft tissue injuries resulting from an assault and take place significantly more often in men than women.

Medical negligence

Facial scarring can be caused by medical negligence if an operation gets performed incorrectly, the physician uses inappropriate equipment or the wrong type of stitches. This can cause you not only pain and suffering but also emotional anguish. If a doctor, nurse or other medical practitioner is responsible for your facial injury, you could have a potential medical negligence claim.

Animal attacks

A violent dog attack can be a horrific and traumatic event. Besides emotional trauma, it can also leave you physically scarred. If a dog bites your face, this can be all the more distressful and pose a significant danger to your health.

In contrast to injuries inflicted by other accidents, dog bites are deep puncture wounds susceptible to infections. Children are especially vulnerable to facial bites due to their small size.

You can also get a facial injury if you get kicked by a horse, cow, or another animal.

If you suffered a facial injury without being at fault in any of the above mentioned circumstances or any other way, you could be eligible to claim facial scar compensation.

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What are the most common types of facial injuries?

Trauma to the face can cause a wide range of injuries, from minor to very severe. These can affect you for short periods or change your life forever. Some of the most common injuries include:

  • scratches, cuts and bruises
  • burns
  • soft tissue injuries, namely damage to the muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • damage to the teeth and gums
  • eye injuries, including loss of vision
  • lacerations that leave permanent scarring
  • allergic reactions

In the case of severe blows to the face or head, you might suffer a facial fracture. Some fractures can be minor, but others could cause irreversible damage and pose a threat to your life. There are several main types of facial fractures:

  • a broken nose; nasal bones break more easily because they are thin and prominent
  • forehead fractures, which could cause damage to the eyes and sinuses
  • broken cheekbones
  • eye socket fractures, which may also damage the optic nerve and cause eye movement problems
  • mandible fractures can affect your ability to eat, drink or speak
  • Le Fort fractures, namely fractures of the midface, which comprises the maxillary bone and surrounding structures

If you suffered a facial injury due to another party’s negligence, you might be able to make a facial injury compensation claim. For any questions about claiming, call 0800 032 3660 for a free consultation with a legal adviser. An experienced solicitor will provide the help and advice you need to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

How much compensation can I claim for a facial injury?

When claiming compensation for a facial injury, you will want more than just a refund of the expenses you incurred due to your wounds. Indeed, you may claim for all the general damages you suffer because of your trauma. These include, but are not limited to:

  • pain and suffering
  • emotional and psychological distress
  • loss of a unique career
  • decreased quality of life
  • loss of amenity
  • loss of prospects and enjoyment
  • inability to pursue a hobby
  • physical impairment and disfigurement

It’s not easy to calculate proper compensation for subjective losses like those mentioned above. Nonetheless, the Judicial College offers a set of guidelines used as an official reference in personal injury claims. According to their principles, you might get:

  • £1,750 – £3,150 for loss or damage to a front tooth
  • £850 – £1,350 for loss or damage to a back tooth
  • Around £215,200 for complete blindness
  • £3,150 – £7,000 for a minor eye injury
  • £5,100 – £38,640 for jaw fractures
  • £24,950 – £36,310 for a total loss of hearing in one ear
  • £8,480 – £12,650 for a severe nose fracture with permanent repercussions

This list is not complete and means to give you a rough idea of the compensation amounts you might expect to receive if your facial injury claim is successful.

By calling 0800 032 3660, an experienced and trained legal adviser can give you an assessment of your claim and let you know how much compensation you could be entitled to.

The special damages you incurred can be summed up mathematically, so it’s easier to arrive at an exact compensation amount. They include:

  • medical expenses, including travel costs to and from medical appointments
  • rehabilitation costs, including plastic surgery when necessary
  • cost of hearing aids or facial prosthesis you might need
  • lost earnings, including future losses
  • loss of earning capacity
  • adaptations to your house or vehicle

In summary, the compensation award in a personal injury claim will mainly depend on the severity of the injury, the financial losses sustained during recovery, and how it affected your personal and social life.

How much compensation will I get for facial scarring?

Our faces make us unique and discernible. When meeting somebody new, it’s their face that makes an impression on us and helps us remember them. Facial interaction is fundamental in social relations.

If you suffered scarring or disfigurement after a face injury, that could have a profound impact on your confidence and social interactions. This can severely affect your ability to live a normal life and lead to severe emotional distress.

If someone else was responsible for your facial scarring, you might want to make a facial scar compensation claim against them. Besides reimbursement for all the economic losses you incurred, you are entitled to claim compensation for the pain and suffering the injury caused you.

According to the Judicial College guidelines, you might receive the following amounts for general damages:

  • £6,925 – £13,650 for moderate facial disfigurement
  • Up to £74,000 for very severe facial disfigurement
  • £3,150 to £10,960 for minor facial scars
  • Up to £77,580 for severe facial scars

Don’t hesitate to contact a solicitor if you want to get a better idea of your compensation award expectations or if you have any questions about claiming facial scar compensation.

How long do you have to make a face injury claim?

The general rule is that you can make a facial injury compensation claim within three years from the day you suffered the injury. Nonetheless, the claim limitation date may vary in some particular circumstances.

If a child suffered a facial injury in an accident, a family member or another close person can act as a litigation friend and claim compensation on their behalf. In this case, the limitation date is their 18th birthday. After becoming a legal adult, they have another three years to make a claim themselves.

The limitation date also gets overruled when the victim of a facial injury doesn’t have the mental ability to start a compensation claim. In this case, a litigation friend can act on their behalf without any time limit being imposed.

For claims related to criminal assaults, the limitation date is usually two years. If you were too ill to start a claim during this period, you might be able to claim even after the two years have expired. However, this would be down to the discretion of the Court to grant an extension and requires strong reasoning.

If you want to make a facial injury claim related to a faulty product, you’ll have ten years from when the product was first launched.

The time limit might also vary for accidents that happened abroad, as each country has their own laws and regulations regarding personal injury claims.

Regardless of the specifics of your case, it’s always advisable to contact a legal adviser as soon as possible. They will know what limitation date applies to your unique case and be able to confirm if you have a valid claim.

Call 0800 032 3660 or enter your details into our online claim form to speak to a legal adviser. You can find out within a matter of minutes if you have a valid compensation claim, and an adviser will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

* Personal injury claims are offered on a no win, no fee basis. If your claim is successful, your solicitor will receive up to 25% of your compensation as their success fee. Any additional costs, such as legal protection insurance, will be clearly explained to you by your solicitor before you decide to proceed with your claim. Termination fees may apply if you fail to cooperate with your solicitor. This includes deliberately misleading your solicitor, failing to attend scheduled medical or expert examinations, or not appearing at a required court hearing.