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Loss Of Eye Sight Claims

Loss of sight, whether fully or partially can be a distressing experience.  It can force a person to relearn basic tasks.  It can also force a person to adapt the way they live in order to cope with their disability.  Loss of sight can occur due to a variety of reasons.  They can occur as a result of exposure to harmful chemicals, poisoning or trauma to the eyes.

When it comes to coming with terms of loss of sight that was caused due to the negligent act of someone else, it is essential to seek advice from expert solicitors.  This is because in such cases, you may be able to make loss of eye sight claims.

Blindness can be caused at workplaces and there are a number of industries where workers are a risk of losing their eyesight.  Some of these occupations include welders, metal fitters, mechanics, boiler makers, trades assistants and craftsmen laboratory workers.  One of the main reasons for blindness at work is lack of eye protection.  In simple terms, it is failure of the employer to provide adequate eye protection to the workers who are at a risk of sight loss.

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If you suffered blindness due to your working conditions, we can help you make loss of eye sight claims.

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