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Holiday Food Poisoning Claims

One of the most common causes for compensation claims related to holidays is because of food poisoning and the subsequent illnesses suffered by holidaymakers. Whether you have suffered a short term illness that impacted the enjoyability of your holiday, or food poisoning that has led to long lasting or permanent damage, solicitors are experienced in securing the highest compensation awards possible for your holiday injury claim.

We recognise how upsetting it can be to fall ill on holiday, but when the illness was caused by the action or inaction of your accommodation staff, you can feel especially vulnerable and your whole holiday can be ruined. Your solicitor will strive to prove the liability of the defendant whilst demonstrating the severity of your illness and losses to secure you the compensation rightly owed to you.

What are the symptoms of food poisoning?

Food poisoning can present itself with a host of unpleasant, painful and debilitating symptoms and at worst, can prove the be fatal. Injury solicitors have helped to process numerous holiday food poisoning claims and the most common symptoms that clients have suffered include:

  • Stomach pain and cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Dehydration
  • Ongoing food intolerance
  • Sweating, joint pain, dizziness and fatigue
  • High temperatures
  • Exhaustion

These symptoms can last for varying amounts of time depending upon the severity of your case and at best, are likely to have a significant impact on the enjoyability of your holiday. Experienced solicitors are skilled in recovering the losses and compensation that you are due, which can go some way to restoring balance for your suffering, expenses and any long term health or emotional impact.

What causes food poisoning on holiday?

There are several causes of food poisoning and when on holiday, travellers might not always have confidence in their hotel’s methods or preparation skills. The majority of holiday food poisoning cases are caused because food is contaminated with bacteria, parasites, viruses or chemicals. In the UK, we rely on food safety legislation to protect us, but such legislation is not always observed in other countries.

Some of the ways in which food poisoning is caused in hotels abroad include:

  • Not cooking food sufficiently
  • Not storing ingredients or prepared dishes safely
  • Not observing room temperatures or the temperatures of storage appliances
  • Cross-contamination of raw meats with cooked food
  • Poor hygiene practices and insufficient cleanliness in kitchens

Injury lawyers are skilled at helping you to prove the liability of the defendant in your holiday food poisoning case. We encourage you to be vigilant whilst on holiday and secure witness statements or contact details should you suffer from any food poisoning, and your solicitor will help build the strongest case possible to secure the highest compensation award they can on your behalf.

What legislation protects me following holiday food poisoning?

The UK government helps to protect holidaymakers through the Package Holiday Regulations, which makes it easier for travellers to claim compensation if they booked their trip as a package holiday. Rather than suffering the complexities and time concerns of pursuing a claim through international courts, the regulations allow travellers to claim against the travel agents that the holiday was booked through.

Even if you booked your holiday independently, a solicitor may still be able to support you in making a claim for compensation. Contact an injury lawyer to discuss the particular details of your case and they will help guide you through the best and most effective way to make a claim.

What evidence should I try to secure?

The ways in which you can support your solicitor in achieving the highest compensation levels include gathering any available evidence. Some of the most supportive proof of your suffering and defendant liability includes:

  • Video or photographic evidence of any food, kitchen, display and preparation areas
  • Witness statements
  • Contact details for anyone else who has suffered food poisoning at the resort whilst you were on holiday
  • A food diary which demonstrates the food that was offered to you and any concerns you had with the look, smell or taste
  • If possible, a sample of the food that was given to you
  • Records that were kept by the hotel or holiday company following your report
  • Copies of any medical records, treatment or medicine receipts.

Solicitors will strive to source as much evidence as possible and will confirm the ways in which you can work together in order to achieve the maximum compensation awards possible.

How much compensation can I claim for food poisoning?

The amount of compensation that is paid to you will depend on how severe the symptoms of your food poising are and the longevity of your poor health. In order to secure the highest possible awards, your solicitors will gather as much medical evidence as possible, alongside witness statements and records held by your holiday company to allow them to demonstrate liability and proof of suffering.

Solicitors will offer clients a free initial consultation which allows them to assess the individual circumstances of your case and answer any questions that you might have. After they have analysed the details of your case, they will provide you with an experienced assessment of the validity of your case, along with an estimate of the likely amount of compensation that you could be awarded.

Is there a time limit for me starting a claim following holiday food poisoning?

It is important that victims of holiday food poisoning cases initiate a claim for compensation as soon as possible in order to meet stringent time limits. Holidaymakers should be aware that claims must be started within 3 years of the incident in order to be legally recognised and eligible.

Depending on the country to which you travelled, the time limits can be shorter than this, so it is vital to begin your claim as soon as possible. If the time limit for making a personal injury claim has lapsed, you will no longer be eligible to progress with your case.