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If you have been injured through no fault of your own, an injury solicitor can help you make a no win no fee personal injury claim
How Much Could You Claim?

Injury Types

If you or a family member has suffered an injury due to somebody else’s negligence, an experienced solicitor can help you get the compensation that you deserve. Injury claim specialists can help you claim compensation for all types of injuries. So whether you have suffered a whiplash injury, a leg injury, a back injury or a wrist injury, solicitors can help you claim the compensation that you are legally entitled to.

What types of personal injuries can I claim for?

A personal injury claim can be made for a whole host of different injury types. From cuts, sprains, burns and broken bones through to industrial illnesses, hospital-acquired infections, psychological injuries and even death. Providing your injury or injuries were caused by somebody else’s negligence, and you are within the time limits for making a claim, you should be entitled to pursue a claim for compensation.

Here are some of the most common types of personal injuries that people claim compensation for:

  • whiplash injuries ranging from mind to severe
  • ankle injuries such as broken bones, fractures, sprains and ligament damage
  • wrist injuries such as sprains, broken bones and repetitive strain injuries
  • back injuries, such as damaged disks, muscular pain and ligament strains
  • knee injuries such as dislocations, ligament damage and fractures
  • shoulder injuries such as frozen shoulder, dislocations, fractures and broken bones
  • facial injuries including cuts, bruising and broken bones such as noses, cheekbones and eye sockets.

Further information on some of the other types of injuries that an injury solicitor may be able to help with can be seen in the menu to the right.

How much compensation can I claim for my injury?

The amount of compensation you are awarded will depend on the type of injury you have suffered, the impact that this injury has had on your life and a number of other factors specific to your case. Compensation is broken down into two distinct parts:

General damages – this is the financial compensation that compensates you for the pain and suffering caused as a result of the accident. It looks at the type of injury you have suffered, how long it lasted and whether there are any longer-term health implications. For example, if you had a cut on your forehead, will this leave a scar? If you have suffered a back injury, will it cause any long term pain or loss of mobility?

Special damages – this covers financial losses caused by your accident and injuries. The biggest financial loss is often lost earning from having to take time off work to recover from the injury. For serious injuries, your future earning potential may also be affected, and this can also be taken into account when calculating the amount of special damages you should be entitled to. As well as loss of wages, special damages can also cover medical expenses, transport costs and other out of pocket expenses that you have incurred.

You can find out more information about compensation and how much you could be entitled to on our guide to compensation amounts.

* Personal injury claims are offered on a no win, no fee basis. If your claim is successful, your solicitor will receive up to 25% of your compensation as their success fee. Any additional costs, such as legal protection insurance, will be clearly explained to you by your solicitor before you decide to proceed with your claim. Termination fees may apply if you fail to cooperate with your solicitor. This includes deliberately misleading your solicitor, failing to attend scheduled medical or expert examinations, or not appearing at a required court hearing.