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How Much Could You Claim?

Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Cosmetic surgery is often undertaken as an elective procedure for people to enhance their body or help in the recovery of their appearance following other operations or conditions. With cosmetic surgery sometimes costing several thousands of pounds, it is not surprising that patients expect high quality and care when undergoing such procedures.

Unfortunately, this is not always received and in some instances, cosmetic surgeons and other related staff do not observe their legal duty of care owed to patients. This can lead to varying degrees of illness and injuries suffered by claimants, and in the most severe cases can have a fatal outcome.

When medical professionals breach their duty of care, the results and implications can be severe. Patients may suffer from physical, emotional and financial difficulties following errors in their cosmetic surgery. If you believe that you are at a loss in any of these areas because of the fault of another party, call 0800 678 1410 to discuss how an experienced solicitor can assist you in obtaining the compensation that you rightly deserve.

Am I eligible to make a cosmetic surgery claim?

If you have suffered an illness, injury or error whilst receiving any treatment or consultation for cosmetic surgery, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation.

Cosmetic surgery claims may also concern further implications for a claimant including emotional, psychological and financial difficulties. Solicitors deal with claims from patients who have undertaken a host of surgeries, with some of the most popular including:

Cosmetic SurgeryThe solicitors we work in partnership with have successfully handled claims on behalf of people who have suffered injuries and harm due to cosmetic surgery negligence. Some claimants aim to recover the costs of further surgery to rectify errors caused by medical negligence, and your solicitor can offer advice on how to obtain compensation for this too.

Some of the most common cases include:

  • Errors which result in muscle, tissue or nerve damage
  • Poor hygiene standards resulting in infections
  • Manufacturing defects with implants
  • Surgical errors causing excessive scarring
  • Poor post-operative care resulting in infections or haematoma
  • Complications arising out of pain relief drugs or anaesthesia
  • Failure to explain risks associated with the procedure to the patient
  • Physical and psychological injuries following errors in cosmetic surgery

If you believe that you have suffered an illness, injury, damage or loss because of errors in your cosmetic surgery and the service that you received from the health practitioners involved, call 0800 678 1410 to discuss your eligibility to make a claim.

A fully trained legal adviser will assess your circumstances in a free initial consultation and offer advice as to the processes involved and how much you are likely to receive as a settlement award.

How much compensation can I claim?

To make a successful claim for compensation, the solicitor will need to prove the liability of your illness or injury as well as the severity of your condition and the impact that symptoms have or will have on your life.

The more extreme these factors are, the higher the compensation amount will be. It is therefore important for the solicitor to gather as much evidence and information relating to your case and condition as possible.

The starting point is a free consultation. This is an opportunity for both the solicitor and yourself to ask questions about the case and evaluate the severity of your condition. Once the solicitor has a good understanding of your individual circumstances, they will be well placed to offer you a realistic estimate of the likely compensation figure that you will be awarded.

How long will it take to process my claim?

The amount of time that it takes to process your claim will depend upon the complexity of your case. Some claims can be processed very quickly, where liability is clear and diagnosis is simple.

However, in some instances, it becomes more difficult to establish that your cosmetic surgeon was responsible for your illness and injury, and so your solicitor may have to work longer to prove liability.

In order to support your solicitor in building a strong case and reaching a successful outcome as early as possible, it is beneficial to provide as much information and supporting evidence as you can. This will inevitably help the solicitor to build a strong case and seek the maximum compensation possible on your behalf.

Are there any upfront costs that I will have to pay?

We believe that it is unreasonable to expect people to make any upfront payments for legal advice and services when they are seeking compensation for an illness or injury that was caused by another party.

With that in mind, your solicitor will be pleased to offer their services on a no win no fee basis. This means that no upfront costs will be requested, and they will only seek payment upon successful completion of your case. If they are unsuccessful in securing your compensation, you will not have to pay them a penny.