Had a fall from a ladder at work?
If you have had an accident while using a ladder or step ladder at work, you could be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries
How Much Could You Claim?

Ladder Accident Claims

There are lots of people that will make use of a ladder at some point during their working life. Some people will use them on a daily basis to carry out large parts of their work, such as electricians and decorators for example. Others may use a ladder once in a while to reach items kept on high shelving. No matter how frequent the use may be, working at height for any amount of time carries the risk of potential injury.

Ladder AccidentHaving an accident while using a ladder at work can result in a wide range of different injuries, many of which can have a major impact on your life. Head injuries are common, particularly when a person falls backwards. Broken bones are also a common occurrence when people fall from ladders.

If you feel your accident was caused by the negligence of your employer, you may be able to hold them responsible and claim compensation for your injuries and any financial losses you have sustained. Call 0800 678 1410 to discuss the particulars of your case during a free consultation, where an experienced legal adviser can evaluate whether you have a valid claim.

If you are entitled to claim compensation for your accident, your injury solicitor will be able to take your case on a no win, no fee basis. The benefit of this service is that it removes the financial risk of making a claim. If your solicitor cannot win your claim for compensation, you will not pay them a penny.

Ladders are a major cause of accidents and injuries in the UK. It is estimated that over 50,000 people visit hospitals each year due to accidents involving a ladder.

Can I claim compensation for a ladder accident?

Falling from a ladder carries with it the same requirements to claim as other types of accidents at work. These basic requirements are as follows:

  • did the accident happen within the last 3 years?
  • was the accident caused by negligence on the part of your employer?
  • did you sustain a personal injury as a result of this accident?

If you can answer yes to each of the above 3 questions, you should in most cases be eligible to claim financial compensation for the pain, suffering and losses caused.

There are numerous regulations which are in place to ensure the safety of workers who work at height or are required to make use of ladders to carry out their tasks. According to these rules, it is essential that workers who use ladders are adequately trained and are provided with suitable personal protective equipment.

The Work at Height Regulations was introduced in 2005 to provide additional protection to workers that use ladders and carry out work at height. Under these regulations, an employer has a duty of care to take all steps reasonable to ensure the use of ladders by employees is as safe as possible. This includes:

  • providing ladders which are long enough for the task at hand
  • providing ladders which are well maintained and safe to work on
  • providing adequate training to the employees so they are able to carry out their tasks safely
  • assessing risks associated with using a ladder and providing safe alternatives when required

Common causes of accidents involving ladders at work

There are many different circumstances and potential causes of ladder accidents. Some of the most common situations include:

  • Using a ladder that is too small for the task, causing the user to over reach
  • Using a weak or defective ladder that breaks during use
  • Using a ladder that has not been erected properly, i.e. put at the wrong angle or not on a steady base
  • Accidents caused by inadequate training on how to properly use a ladder

Employers are legally obliged to offer a safe working environment to their staff, which means ensuring that adequate and appropriate training has been provided, as well as risks assessments being carried out for all settings. If your employer has failed in this duty of care and it has resulted in you being injured, you may be eligible to make a no win no fee work accident claim.

Whether the symptoms of your injury are mild or severe, a solicitor can assist you with your claim. To discuss your case further and to receive answers to any relevant questions you may have, please feel free to request a call back or call 0800 678 1410.

The Health and Safety Executive have produced a guidance leaflet on the safe use of ladders and stepladders in the workplace. This leaflet further explains the responsibilities placed on employers, including the requirement to inspect equipment before use and guidance on how and when to use them safely.

How much compensation can I expect?

There is no single answer to this question, as the amount of compensation that is awarded to you will depend on your personal circumstances. The amount awarded for a successful claim will be judged partly on the type and severity of the symptoms that you suffer, and partly on the extent of any financial losses incurred as a result of your accident.

Once the severity of your condition and the level of liability has been established, the solicitor will seek to achieve the highest compensation award possible for you. You can encourage this through supporting your solicitor in obtaining as much evidence and documentation as possible to strengthen your case, such as keeping receipts for any expenses for example.

What are the benefits of using a solicitor to process your claim?

Ladder FallWe understand that the decision to make a personal injury claim against an employer is a difficult one to make, so your solicitor will take the time to ensure that you are fully aware of your legal rights and have knowledge of the claims process from the outset.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using a personal injury solicitor for your compensation claim:

  • A free and no-obligation consultation to assess your eligibility to claim and to answer any questions you may have
  • A no win, no fee service to ensure that you are not financially at a loss through making a claim. If they cannot win your claim, you won’t pay them a penny.
  • Experienced solicitors who have worked on similar cases to ensure your claim is placed in the best possible hands
  • Commitment to achieving the highest possible compensation award for your injuries and financial losses
  • Local, friendly solicitors available nationwide

To discuss your individual case and requirements during a free case assessment, call free on 0800 678 1410. During this call, you will be asked a few questions about your ladder accident, such as when it happened, how it happened and what injuries you sustained as a result. A legal adviser will then let you know if you have a valid claim, at which point it is up to you if you decide to proceed or not. This service is provided with no obligation or pressure, so you are always in control.

How long will it take to process my claim?

The time taken to bring a claim to a successful conclusion can vary from a couple of months through to many years. It all depends on the particular circumstances of the case at hand. Some of the factors that can influence the duration of a case are:

  • Whether your employer accepts or is contesting their liability
  • Debates surrounding the diagnosis and severity of symptoms and losses
  • Delays in the acquisition of relevant evidence such as medical reports, witness statements and receipts for related expenses
  • Inability to find or contact witnesses
  • Delays caused by the defendant’s legal firm