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Foot Injury Compensation Claims

Injuries to the feet can be incredibly painful and are amongst the most detrimental injuries that can be suffered. Damage to a foot can have a huge impact on a victim’s ability to walk, travel, work and function in almost all areas of life. It is therefore essential that anyone who has suffered a foot injury through no fault of their own be able to claim the compensation that is rightfully owed to them.

Compensation can help to alleviate the financial strain of not being able to work, go towards the cost of treatment and compensate you for the pain, suffering and disruption caused. The solicitors we work in partnership with have managed numerous foot injury compensation claims and would be pleased to discuss your case with you to ascertain if you have a valid claim and provide you with some free legal advice.

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Types of Foot Injury

The feet are used daily in order to move from one place to another, stand, balance, drive as well as a host of supporting tasks. When a foot is injured, all of these actions can be affected and have a detrimental impact on the victim’s life. Some of the most common foot injuries include:

Ankle Sprains & Strains

Because the feet are used so regularly throughout the day, pressure and wear on ankle joint can be excessive. The ankle is made up of several small bones, and the two leg bones meet at the ankle joint. All of these bones are surrounded by muscles, ligaments and tendons which allow the leg, ankle and foot to move properly. Many ankle sprains and strains occur through over stretching of the muscles and ligaments in this area. The result can be very painful and significantly reduce the mobility of the foot.

Common causes of this type of injury include work-related overuse, slips, trips and falls and sports injuries. If the damage was caused by another person, it is likely that you will be eligible to make a claim for compensation.

Ankle Fractures

Ankle fractures are quite common as there are so many bones in this joint, and so there is an increased risk of damage for some. Fractures to the ankle can be separated into four types, which are open, closed, displaced and nondisplaced fractures. An open fractures occurs when the broken bone penetrates the skin’s surface, and a closed fracture refers to a broken bone that does not break the surface of the skin. A displaced fracture occurs when a broken bone moves from its original position and a non-displaced fracture is when the bone is broken but does not move or penetrate the skin.

Ankle fractures are very painful, can cause swelling, inflammation and significant discomfort. Many fractures are caused by slips, trips and falls from heights and occur in the workplace and public spaces because of inadequate risk assessment or safety measures.

Broken Foot

A broken foot is often the result of a heavy weight being dropped on to the area, or a forceful impact being suffered. This can occur in a road traffic accident, an accident at work, a sporting injury or even following a fall. If you believe that the broken bone in your foot was caused by the actions of another person or that safety measures were not effectively adopted in the location of your accident, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation against the liable party.

Metatarsal Fractures

Metatarsal bones are the bones that are located between the ankle (tarsal) bones and the toes. There are five metatarsal bones in the foot, and they are responsible for carrying most of the weight of our bodies when we use our feet. This means that any damage to the metatarsal bones can be incredibly painful but also have a significant impact on our mobility and functionality as rest may be necessary in order to recover. The majority of metatarsal fractures are caused when a heavy object is dropped onto the foot or when a person slips or falls. The recovery, depending upon the severity of damage, can take several weeks and pain relief is likely to be required.

Common Causes of a Foot Injuries

There are a wide variety of accidents that can lead to injuries to the foot or feet being sustained, some of which may cause minor ailments whereas others can have severe results. Below are some of the most common causes of foot injuries that may result in a compensation claim:

A foot injury can be temporary, and functionality may be fully restored, or the injury can be permanent, resulting in ongoing difficulties. If you have suffered from any negative impact following a foot injury caused by somebody else, it is likely that you will be eligible to make a claim for personal injury compensation.