Have you suffered an industrial disease or illness?
If you have been affected by an industrial illness such as asbestosis, you may be entitled to claim compensation.
How Much Could You Claim?

Respiratory Disease Claims

Respiratory complaints and diseases can severely impact on a sufferer’s overall health, their ability to work and their enjoyment of everyday life. Employers in all industries throughout the UK have a legal obligation to keep their staff safe and away from unnecessary risks. For industries that are particularly vulnerable to respiratory risks, adequate protection should be offered to employees.

A breach of the duty of care owed to you by your employer can lead to a devastating impact on your health, life expectancy and earning potential. Solicitors are skilled in their ability to secure you the highest levels of compensation for your respiratory disease claim and welcome the opportunity to discuss how they can help you recover the damages that are rightfully and legally owed.

Is my employer liable for my respiratory disease?

Every employer in the UK is legally obliged to prevent avoidable risks and provide safety measures to help ensure that their staff are safe. This is known as their legal duty of care. If you work in an environment that poses a risk to your respiratory health, and your employer failed to provide reasonable protection, it is likely that they will be found liable for any respiratory disease that you have subsequently been diagnosed with.

Working in environments that are dusty, include hazardous materials or substances or that involve extremes in temperatures can all impact on your respiratory health. If you have suffered from difficulties breathing, painful breathing, consistent coughing or ongoing cold and flu-like symptoms, you may have suffered a work-related respiratory complaint.

If a doctor diagnoses you with a respiratory disease and it is likely to have been caused by your working environment, risks imposed on you by your employer or the necessity to work with dangerous substances without safety provisions, you will likely be able to prove that your employer is liable for your condition.

What type of occupations are most affected by respiratory disease?

Solicitors have vast experience in processing claims for respiratory diseases, and there are a number of industries which are particularly dangerous and vulnerable to these type of illnesses. Jobs which involve the subjection to dust and fumes are those which are most commonly affected by respiratory complaints, especially when inadequate protection is offered to workers.

Some of the most common jobs that are linked to respiratory disease include:

  • Painters
  • Asbestos removal specialists
  • Miners
  • Construction workers
  • Farmers
  • Road workers
  • Transport workers

What type of conditions can I claim for?

There are a number of different respiratory diseases that can be contracted because of working conditions or risks associated with specific jobs. It is the responsibility of your employer to provide adequate protection against these risks, and a breach of this responsibility would make them liable for any harm that is caused to you. Some of the most common respiratory diseases that solicitors process compensation claims for include:

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

COPD is caused when a person is subjected to inhaling dangerous particles or gases over an elongated period of time. Many sufferers of COPD contracted the illness through smoking, but it is possible for non-smokers to suffer from the complaint as a result of their working conditions. Professions such as those in construction, agriculture and masonry are most often affected because workers are subjected for long periods to machine fumes and gases, grain dust and welding fumes.


Emphysema is an incurable respiratory disease which severely impacts on the victim’s ability to breathe. Shortness of breath, subsequent exhaustion, tight chest and painful breathing are some of the symptoms of this complaint and emphysema has significant emotional impacts too. Sufferers of this disease have often been subjected to large quantities of dust, fumes or smoke for long periods of times. Many sufferers have worked in jobs such as mining, engineering, professional cleaning and construction.

Occupational Asthma

Occupational asthma can be caused by a vast number of substances such as construction dust, grain dust, egg proteins, latex and a host of other aggravating matters. Asthma can cause significant restrictions to breathing and impact on quality of life and earning potential.


Silica dust occurs from a number of different types of stones and rocks and can cause significant damage to lung health. Sufferers of this condition have thickened lung tissue which is scarred and causes breathing complications, pains and infections. Victims of silicosis are often found in jobs such as manufacturing, construction or fuel production. This is a serious complaint which often reduces the life expectancy of the victim.

How much compensation can I claim?

Solicitors take great care to ensure that they demonstrate the significance of the impact that your condition has had on your life. By demonstrating the severity of your symptoms and the level of the breach in your employer’s duty of care to you, they will always seek to secure the highest levels of compensation available.

The largest awards will be paid to those who have suffered the most or whose symptoms are the most severe. Your solicitor will aim to recover loss of earnings, potential future earning losses, treatment costs and compensation for the physical and emotional complaints caused to you.

How can a solicitor help me make a respiratory disease claim?

Personal injury solicitors have extensive experience in supporting clients in obtaining the compensation owed to them following the diagnosis of various respiratory diseases. They are skilled at processing claims for a variety of industries and recognise that many clients want a hassle free and swift result.

Injury solicitors offer all new clients a free initial consultation which provides an excellent opportunity for them to assess your case and to answer any questions that you might have. At the end of the consultation they will confirm your eligibility to make a claim and the likely outcome and compensation award for your case.

Your solicitor will assist you in compiling the strongest case, gathering the most effective evidence and proving the severity of the impact that your condition has had on your life. In doing so, they will build a stronger foundation to negotiate the highest compensation amount on your behalf.

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