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Who is Responsible For An Accident At Work?

If you have suffered injuries whilst at work due to no fault of your own, it is important for you to understand that you have the legal rights to make work accident claims.  In the UK, thousands of people become victims of work related accidents every year.  A personal injury at work that strikes out of nowhere can leave you with permanent disabilities.  Every job has its own dangers and whether you work in a manufacturing industry or in an office, there are always risks of accidents and injuries to occur.  Suffering serious injuries in an accident at work can not only leave you with pain or disabilities, but it can also leave you jobless.

If you have suffered work related injuries due to the negligence of your employer or a co-worker, you may be able to put up a claim for compensation against your employer.

In the UK, all employers have a duty of care to protect their workers from potential risks of accidents and injuries.  The responsibility of the employers includes:

  • Ensuring that the workplace is kept tidy and in a safe condition
  • Ensuring that doors, gates and walkways are not obstructed
  • Ensuring that workers are provided with proper personal protective equipment if risk assessments indicate that there is a need to do so
  • Ensuring that workers receive adequate training in order to help them perform their tasks safely and effectively
  • Ensuring that workers are provided with suitable workstations and comfortable seating arrangement
  • Ensuring that tools, equipments and machinery used at the workplace are maintained in safe working conditions
  • Ensuring that risk assessments are carried out on a regular basis and preventative measures are adopted to eliminate or minimise those risks

If your employer has failed in his duty to provide you with a safe working environment and you have suffered injuries as a result, your employer will be responsible for your accident at work.

Making A Work Accident Claim

Making work accident claims is not an easy process and in order to make a successful personal injury claim, you will need to employ the services of an experienced personal injury solicitor.  At injuryclaims.co.uk, we have specialist solicitors who have extensive experience handling all types of work accident claims.  If it can be established that your employer was responsible for your injuries, we can help you make a No Win No Fee work accident claim.

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