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Ulnar Neuropathy Compensation Claims

Ulnar neuropathy is a disorder which involves the ulnar nerve. This condition occurs when the ulnar nerve becomes entrapped at the elbow or wrist.

Some of the common causes of ulnar neuropathy include:

  • an illness which damages the ulnar nerve
  • an injury to the nerve
  • injury to the nearby structures of the nerve which puts pressure on the nerve
  • long term pressure on the nerve

Ulnar neuropathy causes a tingling sensation, pain and numbness.

In the UK, it is the responsibility of the employer to protect workers from sustaining any kind of injury. This also includes protecting them from sustaining nerve injuries which can have long term and devastating effects.

Nerve injury cannot be reverted in most cases, and this means that the injury and its effects may last a lifetime.

Workers who perform repetitive tasks at the workplace must be made aware of the potential dangers of repetitive movements and actions. If the employer fails to take the necessary steps to prevent such kinds of injuries, he may be held responsible if an employee develops ulnar neuropathy.

Starting A Ulnar Neuropathy Claim

If you have developed ulnar neuropathy due to the negligence of your employer, an injury solicitor can help you make a No Win No Fee compensation claim.

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