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Accident Claims for Dangerous Practices and Procedures at Work

All employers have a legal duty to carry out thorough risk assessments of the workplace and take action to minimise risks, prevent hazards and maintain health and safety for staff and visitors.

The measures that employers are required to take include implementing safety procedures, providing adequate training in health and safety and regularly carrying out risk assessments.

It is essential that employers have practices and procedures that are fit for purpose and suitable to the environment and audience. These processes must be assessed and updated whenever necessary.

If an employer breaches this duty and it results in an unsafe working environment, an employee may be entitled to claim compensation if they sustain a personal injury as a result.

Dangerous Practices and Procedures at Work

Dangerous practices and procedures are those that do not comply with recommended health and safety legislation or those that do not adhere to government regulations. It also includes any practices or procedures that put the public or employees at risk.

There are many different types of work accident claims that are made relating to dangerous practices and procedures in the workplace. Some of the most common of these include the following:

  • Inappropriate equipment being used to access heights, such as chairs or tables rather than step-ladders.
  • Untrained workers using dangerous machinery
  • Supply and use of inappropriate tools for jobs
  • Unsecured ladders or staff using ladders without having received training
  • Heavy objects being lifted or carried by workers who have not been provided with appropriate equipment or training
  • Employer’s failure to acknowledge previous accidents and use them as a way to make changes to future working methods
  • Exposure to hazardous substances and chemicals
  • Inadequate provision, supply or training on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

These breaches of the employer duty of care can lead to employees and members of the public suffering from a wide range of injuries and illnesses. When this happens, the employer may be held liable to pay compensation for any subsequent injury claims made against them.

Regulations to Protect Employees

There are various health and safety regulations in place that serve to offer protection to workers by setting out the ways in which employers should create and maintain a safe working environment. Such regulations include:

Some of the main inclusions in these regulations are:

  • The employer’s responsibility to ensure that the working environment is safe and maintains health and safety measures adequately
  • Employers are required to provide health and safety training, information and instructions to their workers
  • Employers must ensure that safety processes are in place for handling, transportation and storage of products and substances
  • Employers are required to ensure that there are safe routes to and from the workplace
  • Adequate provision must be made and maintained to ensure the welfare of the workforce

Employees are also expected to maintain responsibility for their own welfare in the workplace as well as the health and safety of those around them.

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